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Wallets menu not showing in WordPress 5.9

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    Greetings. I setup a new wordpress site and installed the Bitcoin and Altcoins Wallets Plugin. However, the plugin doesn’t seem to install full as shown on the videos. I’ve tried using the WP plugin download feature. I also removed that instance and tried uploading the plugin myself from your site. No Wallet link shows up on the horizontal left column after I install. Also if I click WALLET text link that is on the right of the plugin area (see where the word Deactivate is circled in red? Yes, just to the right of that the text link WALLET). If i click that it simply says “You do not have access to this page.” I’m running this site on a standard SiteGround hosting account.

    I know WordPress 5.9 just came out, so no pressure, but I thought I’d ask. Maybe I need to rebuild the website on an older version of wordpress to get the plugin to work?

    PS – I did pay for membership so you are gettin getting a little bit of money each month to show that I at least respect your efforts on this great plugin. YES – I am willing pay more for specific development and support work.

    GOAL: My goal is to set up a site where charity/nonprofit organizations can come and set up an account. (Maybe even have private wallets automatically generated). Then donors could come and give cryptocurrency to their projects. Then the nonprofit can log in and see which coins have been donated to them and then withdraw. There is more but you get the idea.

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    Ok, I went and installed the plugin on an older website I have which is running WP 5.8 and it installed just fine. So I’m guessing its a compatibility issue with 5.9 and I just have to wait for you to release an update. I saw a note elsewhere on the forum that you are focusing on Wallet6 so maybe you are already on top of this.

    Hope to hear from you. Standing by!



    The plugin should be compatible with 5.9.

    The issue with the menu not showing is most likely one that I have encountered before, but I’m not sure under what conditions it arises:

    If you have installed and activated the plugin, but you still don’t see the Wallets menu (and admin warning messages), then the most likely problem is that your admin user does not have the “manage_wallets” capability.

    Normally, this capability is automatically assigned to admin users and to the Administrator role, when the plugin is first activated. So, try to deactivate and re-activate the plugin.

    Some times this fails. You can use any plugin that’s suitable for editing capabilities and assign “manage_wallets” to the Administrator user role. This will resolve the issue. A good plugin for this job is https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/

    Simply navigate to Users -> User Role Editor and select the “Administrator (administrator)” role. Click on “add capability” and type “manage_wallets”.

    If you want to achieve the same via the wp-cli, you can issue the following command in the unix shell of your WordPress server:

    wp cap add administrator manage_wallets

    Hope this helps.

    Please let me know if this didn’t help. If you have any other questions about the plugins please open a new thread.

    with regards


    It worked. The plugin must have heard that I contacted its maker and it decided to behave. Third times the charm.


    Well, not sure if the plugin saw our discussion, it’s always a possibility!

    But there is some code in there that heals the capabilities if they are not correct:


    with regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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