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    Alex, can we have an additional option to display the tip form using a shortcode for other purposes other than articles?

    The same form as it is, just an additional shortcode.

    Thank you



    Unfortunately this is not possible with this extension. It is too tightly bound to articles. I will make a note to add this functionality in the future with a new extension.

    with regards


    Hello Alex,

    Thank you very much for the last release.

    I was wondering if at this time of this plugin development is possible to implement a shortcode for donations use, not necessarly adhered to a blog post.

    For example if I put the shortcode in a certain page like usrprofile, and allowing other users to donate clicking on a button. It would be possible?

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards



    Yes, I have already added this to my backlog.

    Like I said, I want to add this feature at some point. I will let you know here once I do. It is not a simple matter of reusing a form.

    with regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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