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Server Error: Failed to connect: Connection refused

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    I was trying to put a PIVX wallet on my website and this happens.

    Not responding: Dashed_Slug_Wallets_Coin_Adapter_RPC->get_balance() failed with status=”0″ and error=”Failed to connect to port 21092 after 1000 ms: Connection refused”

    I have already TCP incoming allowed, on the daemon VPS. But still I get this error.



    If you are certain that the TCP port is open on any software firewalls onyour VPS, you should also check:

    – If you have set the rpcbind config set correctly.
    – Check with your hosting provider, they are likely running their own firewalls. They can add an exception for you.

    Since you mentioned that you are on a VPS, know that during the IBD (Initial Blockchain Download), the wallet may use more resources (CPU, net) than you are allowed to use on a sliced host. In that case, your host may be auto-banned. Many hosts do this, depending on what rules they have. You may need to talk to them about this as well.

    with regards,


    Thanks for the fast response,

    I have moved to 6.0.0 because I cant make it to work.

    But same on 6.0.0 now I have attached some of the settings on my wallet.config

    and the error I am getting, hope you could help me sir.

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    This makes sense. It’s good that you upgraded to 6.0.0, but this will not solve the network issue.

    Assuming that is the IP of the WordPress host, add the rpcbind config line:


    And restart the wallet.

    If it still doesn’t connect, then the issue is with some firewall, possibly one controlled by your hosting provider.

    with regards

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