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Searching exchange orders and transactions

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    Would it be possible to impliment a shortcode that shows all users transactions on the site in the front end with a search bar to filter the transactions by username
    / TX number / trade order?

    I want to have a page that support staff can use do a search for a particular transaction or trade.

    Or even just search a search bar that queries the SQL and returns the data.

    What are your thoughts?



    You are correct in that this is needed and is a much requested feature.

    I don’t think this should be in a shortcode though. I have intended to add this to the admin backend for some time now, but I never seem to be able to find the time to implement it.

    If it’s any help, you can easily search the DB table (wp_wallets_txs) directly from phpMyAdmin or an SQL console. I know that this is not ideal. I will try to implement search in the admin transactions list soon.


    Thank you. I’m going to play with WP_Query using some arguments I will update if I get anywhere with it


    You won’t.

    WP_Query is for retrieving pages, posts and custom post types. These all reside in the wp_posts table.

    Transactions are stored in a custom table, wp_wallets_txs. Exchange trades are stored in wp_wallets_trades. This requires custom work with the $wpdb object.

    The bulk of the work is integrating with the subclasses of WP_List_Table and constructing the SQL query dynamically. This all requires custom code.

    I have added tickets to my backlog to add search to the transactions query, and to create a new WP_List_Table admin page for trades, which will then need their own search queries.

    This is why these tickets have been sitting on my backlog since 2018, it’s a considerable amount of work and I’m always too busy. I will try to get this done soon, though.

    with regards


    In Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets 6.0.0, it is now possible to filter transactions by user, status, type, tags, etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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