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    so i had a few users ask if this is “provably fair”

    first i said no, but then again i do not know that it isnt.

    so is it possible to display the end user what they rolled and check how that roll was given?

    i have done some work with dice and im guessing you used similar code? or just a random number generator?

    similar to here https://freebitco.in/?op=home and you can see how the roll can be checked by clicking the “THIS GAME IS PROVABLY FAIR!” link


    This faucet is fair, but not provably so.

    You can prove to yourself that it is fair, by looking at the source code.

    But you cannot prove it to the end users cryptographically, as freebitco.in does.

    kind regards


    this is how simple of code that could be used to put in place

    $client_seed = '769325dfae4b68c5ad8f97b1690e5a1d';
    $server_seed = 'e6a69fe81fded079b1d9cfc479db40f1410c72ea12754d12dc1dad4461dfb608';
    $result_seed = hash_hmac('sha512', $server_seed, $client_seed);
    $result_number = hexdec(substr($result_seed,0,10));
    $rolled_number = abs($result_number % 100);
    echo $rolled_number;

    then if they want to check it they can go to


    OK thank you.

    This code derives a roll from hashing a server seed with a client seed. The code is half the work, there also needs to be a protocol.

    So what information would the faucet disclose to the user before the claim? How exactly would the user check the roll?

    I can look at this later when I find the time but it will not be soon as I am very busy at this time.

    with regards


    well i have a few things i can put together…

    i will look through your code you have now for the rolling and see…

    def would need to be put into DB if not already.

    server seed
    client seed
    rolled number
    roll ID

    i will play with it and maybe add to pastebin for you to check out and incorporate if you like

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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