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Rescan wallet transactions manually

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    I am setting up the new wallets version 6 from scratch. I forgot to install curl on the litecoin server and made a deposit to a generated address on the server. The curl calls were erroring out and now I am passed the 16 block limit that the wallet currently scans into the past. What is the best way to rescan the wallet without waiting for the 1 week rescan the readme says happens?

    Is there a way to make this scan happen daily instead of weekly? Is there a way to manually initiate this action?



    OK, if you are only concerned with scraping one transaction, just notify the plugin about this TXID:

    1. Create the deposit address on the plugin. Go to Addresses -> Add New, then set the User, Address string, Type: deposit, Currency, and hit Update to create the deposit address on the plugin.

    2. Determine the post ID of the currency that was deposited. Let’s say it’s 123 for this example.

    3. Determine the TXID of your deposit. You should be able to get this from the command line with:

    litecoin-cli listtransactions

    Let’s say your TXID is 01234566789ABCDEF

    2. Let’s also assume your site is https://example.com . Visit the following URL in your browser:


    This will force the plugin to look for this deposit and create it on the plugin.

    If you want to restart the process of scraping transactions from the wallet: https://github.com/dashed-slug/wallets/blob/6.1.10/adapters/class-bitcoin-core-like-wallet-adapter.php#L934-L1024

    First determine the post ID of your litecoin wallet (not currency). Let’s say your Litecoin Wallet ID is 456.

    You will need to set the transient dsw_bitcoin_456_height to 1.

    You can do this from the command line using wp-cli if you have shell access to your WordPress with the following shell command:

    wp transient set transient dsw_bitcoin_456_height 1

    Or you can do this using the wp-console plugin. Just type the following in the console (find the console on the top right on the admin screens):

    DSWallets\set_ds_transient( ‘dsw_bitcoin_456_height’, 1 );

    Note: Don’t change “bitcoin” to “litecoin”. “Bitcoin” refers here to the bitcoin wallet adapter, which is also used for litecoin.

    You make a valid point in that there should be a button to easily restart the scanning process. I will add this for the next release.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    with regards


    In the latest version 6.2.0 of the plugin, it is now possible to set a block height to your wallet and the wallet will restart scanning for transactions from that height.

    For more information, please see the documentation at:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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