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Regular Payments

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    Hello, have you considered implementing regular payments into this? It would be enormously useful for things like site subscriptions, hosting fees, etc.
    I know there are subscription plugins for woocommerce but they are all really complicated because they contain all kinds of stuff for gateways like paypal etc. This would be a relatively uncomplicated thing, much more efficient and economica on resourcees than those plug-ins.


    Yes you are correct, this would be very useful and I have thought about this.
    The first user of such a plugin would be myself. I want to use it to sell subscription to the dashed-slug products and service.

    I do not think that the best approach would be to integrate it with WooCommerce though. This will either be a payment gateway for an established membership plugin, or an extension to the wallets plugin that will control user roles according to some recurring payments scheme.

    In any case it will have to be done after I work on the exchange. The exchange is the most requested extension by far. Therefore I am unable to give you an estimate on when I would start work on subscriptions.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    kind regards


    Doing all this yourself, I can imagine how busy you are. I have a similar situation1

    When the time comes, this plug-in is free and already provides all the functions I think. It could just be a matter of adding Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets as a payment processor in it, The dev appears very helpful and it’s open source if it becomes necessary to adapt it separately.

    HF Subscriptions for WooCommerce


    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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