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"Recipient user" doesn´t show anything

dashed-slug.net Forums General discussion "Recipient user" doesn´t show anything

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    When I try to search other user of my web and click over the box of “recipient user” It doesn´t show anything. That is because I dontn´t have nothing in my balance?

    Thanks a lot!


    Now I have seen that I have the same problem when I want to choose a coin. It seems that the problem is with the selector.


    Hi. The problem has to do with my theme because with others it works perfectly. Do you know what I should modify so that the theme does not block me the drop-down options?




    I do not know what the problem might be with so little information.

    If this is a freely available theme, simply point me to it and I will test it.

    Otherwise I would start by looking at the usual places: JavaScript console, WordPress debug log, PHP error log.

    There should be an XHR request from the frontend to your server doing a get_user_info call on the JSON API. Can you see this request in your browser’s network console?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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