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Rates, Base Currency

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    Hello Alexg,

    Thanks for all this work, it’s awesome. You already have Exchange Rates, and Base Fiat Currency. By Default i have noticed it does not display base amount (in my case clam rpc, that i created copying doge rpc). I hope if we can have another addition of CryptoCompare or some other equivalent to display total holdings in USD and BTC or any other combination or just one currency as per availability.



    Yes this would be expected.

    For the fiat amounts to be displayed the exchange rate to BTC must be available via an exchange rate provider.

    Realistically I do not know how soon I can add CryptoCompare but I will make a note of it.

    It does look very cool since it carries a lot of coins, so thank you for suggesting this.

    In the meantime, if you have PHP skills and wish to implement yourself some quick hack to pull clam exchange rates from somewhere, here is some boilerplate code that might help you:


    I will try to get CryptoCompare added soon.

    kind regards


    Thank you so much, this will help me a lot.


    Hello Alex,

    I think you can use either of CoinMarketCap or CryptoCompare to display equivalent value of currency in wallets, i.e.

    Account Balance: SYMBOL 1234.12345678
    USD: 123.12 | BTC: 0.12345678

    or just USD if it’s displaying BTC

    I guess, you can simply bypass exchanges, or, as you have already worked on exchanges extensively, let users chose to display exchange rates from either or all the available exchanges (may be i am expecting too much :D. Do i even make any sense?)


    Yes you are correct that CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare can be good sources of exchange rates, although I have not yet studied the APIs.

    Hopefully these can be added as options next to the already existing ones.

    I already have a ticket for cryptocompare that you requested about 3 days ago. I will add coinmarketcap to my list to revisit when time permits.

    Thank you, it’s a very good idea



    Thank you Alex,
    The github gist code for the rates works great 🙂
    It has allowed me to use my alt coin perfectly with woocommerce and I no longer need to get rates from external exchanges.
    This helps a lot for coins that are not yet on any official exchange 🙂
    You are a lifesaver, this is one of the best wp/crypto wallet scripts ever.


    Glad to be of help, megeanwasson 🙂

    best of luck with your project!



    Today i noticed you added CoinMarketCap. Thank you so much..


    Glad you found it useful!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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