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Push notifications for the mobile wallet app we are building.

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    My group is in the process of finishing the development of a wallet app for iOS/Android. Right now we are just refreshing the screen to receive wallet updates through your API.

    Is the ability to receive push notifications for deposits, moves, etc built into this API, my programmer says he doesn’t see this ability built in.

    Also, we are going to use PIN/Biometric confirmation to send funds from the mobile app, is there a method of bypassing email confirmation during withdraws/moves/etc.



    Refreshing the page is definitely not the way to go.

    There is NO support for push notifications.

    Instead, to achieve near-time data display, the frontend does polling on the JSON-API. Normally the plugin does this automatically and you can control this in the frontend settings admin screen (see: “Wallets” -> “Frontend Settings” -> “Live polling settings”.

    If you are building an application, you should be doing the same. Issue polling requests to the JSON API and refresh the data that you display, accordingly.

    The email confirmation can be disabled in the admin settings. Go to “Wallets” -> “Confirms”, and you will find options to disable confirmation requirement, separately for internal transfers and for withdrawals. You can also control whether an admin must confirm each type of transaction.

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    So with the mobile app, we would like to have the user PIN or Bio verify identity so that transactions in the marketplace we are building it for are fast and instant if you move between friends and not have to check your email each time.

    Is there a place we can hook into your code and change the default behavior of the user confirm functionality to make it a little more custom.



    Transactions start off in the unconfirmed state.

    As an admin, you choose in “Wallets” -> “Confirms” whether you are going to require withdrawals, and moves, to be confirmed by the user and by admin. (the slugs for these options are: wallets_confirm_withdraw_admin_enabled, wallets_confirm_withdraw_user_enabled, wallets_confirm_move_admin_enabled, wallets_confirm_move_user_enabled)

    Transactions in the DB have two columns, admin_confirm and user_confirm. When these values are truthy, it means that the admin, or user, has confirmed the transaction.

    The cron jobs periodically check the unconfirmed transactions that have category equal to withdraw or move. If all the required confirmations are there, the transaction gets the pending status.

    You can set the user_confirm column to 1 for any transaction, and this will indicate that the user has confirmed the transaction. How you do the confirmation is up to you. Once the transaction becomes pending, it will go on to be attempted on a subsequent cron job run.

    (All of this means of course that you will not be able to use your app with wallets 6.0.0, which is a complete rebuild of the plugin, and does away with the DB tables among other things. You will need to keep the wallets version to the latest 5.x. This is several months away. You should be ok with 5.x as it is going to be stable.)

    Hope this helps.

    with regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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