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Plugin shows wrong LTC wallet

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Plugin shows wrong LTC wallet

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    Hello Alex,

    I noticed that LTC is not working properly. It shows me a wallet address, but that address in not shown in my coin payments account.

    Does this address belongs to you or to coin payments? 33XkMeoLyPwfdi1CvE5pmaWvWztoFF6eiE

    Confirmed transaction:

    I didn’t created a wallet on the website or via api before. Thought the plugin will do it on its own, because it shows an address.

    Any ideas what happened here and where the coins are and where this address comes from?

    I just want to understand it so that I can avoid it in future.






    a little update from the coin payments support:

    My ticket:
    I have the following problem.
    I use your api to get a LTC wallet , for some reasons it didn’t created the wallet in my account, but still shows a wallet via the api. How can this happen? How do I avoid it in future?

    I noticed it after a test withdraw, so I did some investigations.

    Here the address:

    This is the transaction:

    Kind regards



    Hi Arne ,

    What API call did you use? If you used ‘get_deposit_address’ or ‘get_callback_address’ there is no way for it to return an address but not put it in your account.


    Mr. Data – Technical Support


    Hello Arne,

    Yes this is correct. If you have never used any other coin adapters in that installation, then the address must have come from CoinPayments. If you have previously used another coin adapter for LTC, then you need to refresh the deposit addresses as described in the FAQ.

    kind regards


    That’s it! Thank you Alex!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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