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Notification / Confirm Email Related Issues

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    In my WordPress mail function is working normally.
    However, Wallet-related emails are not being sent.
    Could there be any related issues you think?

    – There is no variable in the coin node. It worked well before that, and nothing has changed.
    – E-mail is sent through an external service (mailgun), and other e-mail is being sent well.
    – Wallet version is current. 3.6.6


    Maybe this is only a problem for me.
    I will leave a comment when it is resolved.


    Hi Vorticismo,

    In my case it works well. I also have an external messaging service and version 3.6.6 and I receive the emails.

    A greeting!


    Thank you for your information 🙂 mc_deimon


    It was due to the problem of mailgun.
    I switched my smtp server to Amazon, and now it works fine.


    Thanks for keeping me updated, and I’m glad you resolved this.

    Personally I like to use the WP Mail SMTP plugin for troubleshooting emails. It’s a way to route your WordPress email through a Gmail account or other SMTP server.

    Even though it is not a good solution for live systems, it can be used for troubleshooting/debugging.

    kind regards


    i use a small plugin after adding some code to wp-config.. it is really good … if anybody wants, i can upload it

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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