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nothing working…

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    1.) not showing any orders filled etc

    2.) user orders and user history is empty but there has been an exchange

    3.0 seller show the bitcoin for the buy in his wallet but exchange shows no data at all

    4.) can put a buy order in no matter the price get this error

    Could not place order. Error: Could not enter limit order: You cannot place an order that would match another order you have placed. First cancel order “O5baaf336436be”.
    — have changed the amount to buy and price and still get this error no matter what i put in the buy.
    + i do not show any orders in history to cancel even if i wanted to

    basically NO DATA is being loaded on the site for me at all besides the bids/ asks



    as you see here

    https://prnt.sc/kysi3g and here https://prnt.sc/kysitu and here https://prnt.sc/kyskf3

    transactions have been made but its not showing up anywhere on the exchange page


    OK, a few questions:

    1. Did the exchange work before and suddenly stopped working? Or is this a new setup?

    2. Do you have any JavaScript errors in your console?

    3. Did you change your theme recently?

    4. Could you try disabling any other plugins that you may have added recently?

    Please let me know. I can also login to your site to have a look if you like.

    kind regards


    1.) new set up
    2.) d3.min.js?ver=5.5.0:2 Error: <path> attribute d: Expected number, “…7.9411764705883 NaN l -6 7.5 l 4…”.
    (anonymous) @ d3.min.js?ver=5.5.0:2

    3.) i have not changed it
    4.) have not added anything

    and if it helps i may be able to let you login

    should i do a fresh install maybe?


    strangest things, it just started working…

    I never touched a thing and now all the data is showing up

    i had been using the refresh buttons too last night and saw nothing. so this is strange


    It is strange indeed.

    Could you tell me which browser you were using?

    Please let me know if the problem occurs again.

    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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