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New graph issue

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    Hello Alex,

    I am not using the graph, bu I wanted to see how it looks this new responsive one. I updated to the last version but it seems not working, it appear a wide vertical row with a white background.

    Is there any particular setting to adjust?


    Best regards


    everything has gone downhill today after updating this plugin. I have lost the usual graph and its been replaced with some other graph with arrows all over it i thought it was an issue some other plugin so i ended up deleting my whole website and database then reinstalling wordpress. 7 hours later i still have a graph which is not good.

    there was no indication of graph updates in this latest version that i can see

    the graph also has horizontal lines through it see pic attached.

    please advise

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    forget the above i have sorted it. CSS issues lol.

    can we change the graph style now?



    @bigblue Thanks for letting me know. There are no settings. Did you check with one theme or many? This sounds a lot like a CSS issue. Can you show me a screenshot or give me access to a site?

    I am not sure why you reinstalled wordpress, at the very least you could downgrade to the previous version of the Exchange extension. These things are usually CSS issues. It is near impossible to predict what CSS rules a theme has, I’m just aiming to make something that works with a few standard themes, glad you found a solution. The graph already has the red/green colors that you set in customizer. In a later version I may add more styling controls in customizer.

    with regards


    @jamiej Please could you share the css you applied to make it looking properly?

    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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