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Need help with Mycred integration!

dashed-slug.net Forums General discussion Need help with Mycred integration!

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    Would it be possible to get a hook to be able to sell Mycred points? I can buy the points already through the coinpayments adapter but I need to allow them to sell the points back for bitcoin and have it go to their wallet or withdraw. I could pay some money if need be…



    I’m curious, how come you said that you “can buy the points already through the coinpayments adapter”? The CoinPayments adapter lets you use a number of cryptocurrencies, not buy or sell anything, and MyCred points are not a cryptocurrency.

    Making it possible to do what you suggest might not be a bad idea, but it would probably involve the following:

    – A coin adapter that interfaces with the MyCred plugin
    – An exchange

    I am already working on building an exchange, whenever I find time among user support requests, and I am unable to undertake any more work. Additionally, I do not undertake custom development tasks, this is explained in the FAQ. There is simply too much to do as it is.

    I am adding your idea to my backlog, but unfortunately I cannot make any promises as to when something like that would be available.

    Thank you very much for sharing this. Hope you understand.

    P.S. I have moved this to the General Discussion because it is not really relevant to the CoinPayments adapter.


    Thanks for the reply. I use woocommerce and have it hooked into mycred to automate the point payout. Coinpayments adapter is used as a gateway to buy. Now I just need to hook a woocommerce product the other way so people can sell them back. Basically have the point purchase trigger a withdrawal. Having it use points and all that is setup. It’s the trigger effect I need.


    Thanks for the clarification.

    The CoinPayments adapter is a coin adapter for the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin. It cannot be used as a payment gateway.

    Are you using the WooCommerce payment gateway available here? https://www.dashed-slug.net/bitcoin-altcoin-wallets-wordpress-plugin/woocommerce-cryptocurrency-payment-gateway-extension/


    Yes sir. I clarified coinpayments since that’s what I have to use until I run my own node. Is there any guide or anything for the ssh tunnel process for this kind of thing until I run my own node?


    Unfortunately no, I have not put together a guide on how to do ssh tunneling to a full node wallet.

    To clarify, this is recommended practice from the Bitcoin developers and is only needed when the wallet runs on a different server than your WordPress installation. If they are both on the same machine, tunneling is not needed.

    I will try to add step-by-step instructions in the documentation when time permits. In the meantime, you could have a look at the following instructions I found with a Google search:


    P.S. In the future can you please open a new thread for each distinct request? This helps keep the forums clean for people who look for similar info in the future. Thanks.


    If the mycred balance could be used in the wallet (or if it could be synchronized), the wallet’s usability would be greatly increased.
    It would be great if users could withdraw tokens/coins obtained through mycred hooks to the blockchain.



    Sorry but everything in this plugin is built specifically to use its own ledger, not MyCred. I have moved from using a ledger based on custom SQL tables to using CPTs as a ledger, and this has its advantages, but this change required 2 years of work and a complete rewrite of the plugin. What you are thinking of would be an extension to MyCred, which would be a different thing altogether. It’s out of the question for me to do this.

    Perhaps someone interested in building MyCred extensions can do this. Interfacing with the wallets is the easy part.

    with regards

    P.S. Apologies for the late reply. I wasn’t notifies about this thread. I will look into this.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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