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Moved: Coin icon filter not applied to menu items

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    I just added Balances to menu, as per FAQ, but it doesn’t show the image customization made via filter (“Frontend -> JSON API filters ). However, it does update the currencies’ images in the shortcuts. I.e. in the menu, balance for BRL shows your standard image (circle with BRL inside), while the shortcuts correctly show the image url I put in the filter. Is that a bug? Not a big deal, as I can overwrite the original image with mine, just wandering if it is a bug.



    I have moved your post to a new thread, as it is unrelated to the other thread.

    Thank you for reporting this, you are correct. The coin icon filter is not applied in the menu item and in some other places, while it is applied correctly to the JSON API results. I have already fixed this issue and will release it as part of the upcoming 3.9.3 release which should be out today.

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    The issue with icon filters not being applied is now fixed in version 3.9.3 which was released just now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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