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How to add funds to pay for airdrop

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    I’m looking for a way to make payments for my site users.
    I can’t find a way to simple add funds to user wallets.

    Whether a faucet extension can be used as a tool to add funds to a selected user without an actual transaction?

    Example scenario:

    User1 earns 0.002 ETH in my website. I need a way to add manualy 0.002 ETH to user1 ETH wallet (without an actual transaction). And when user1 wants, he can withdraw ETH to any external wallet with real transaction.

    Maybe there is some other way to do it?
    Thanks for the answers!


    SORRY…I had in mind the AIRDROP extension



    For the faucet extension, you designate a faucet owner (usually an admin).

    Deposit funds to that user’s wallets. The faucet then does internal transfers from the admin to the users who request payout. If a user is referred to by another user, the faucet will also do an internal transfer to pay for the referrer’s commission.

    For the airdrop extension it’s different: deposit transactions are inserted to the DB to represent the airdrop payouts. You need to pay attention to the hot wallet balance vs the sum of user balances. You can add funds to your hot wallet to back these deposits, so that the users can then withdraw their funds. Use any address in your hot wallet that is not a user deposit address, because if you send to a user deposit address, this will create another deposit transaction in the DB, if that makes sense. A convenient way to replenish your hot wallet balance is the cold storage feature. In the cold storage admin screens, you will find deposit addresses for each wallet, that are not tied to any user. So you can use these to make the hot wallet balance reach a certain percentage of the sum of user balances.

    Hope this makes sense, but let me know if you have any more questions.

    with regards

    P.S. I have moved this thread to the airdrop forum.


    WHY wouldn’t faucets work the same way as airdrops? This is kind of frustrating, what is the point of needing two seperate wallets with balances… I was assuming that all funds would just stay in my coinpayments account until a user made a withdrawal request


    You are correct in that the airdrop and faucet extensions do not work the same.

    This will be remedied in the big upcoming release of wallets6, where the airdrop extension and the faucet extension will both work the same way: They will increase the user balances arbitrarily at your request, and it’s up to you to make the hot wallet balance match so that it can back the user balances. It will also be possible to manually debit/credit users from the admin interface by simply inserting off-chain transactions.

    Right now, with the software you’re using, the faucet transfers funds from a designated account to the faucet claimers.

    The airdrop extension adds to user balances amounts at your request, but for the users to be able to actually withdraw these funds, the funds must exist in your hot wallet balance.

    There is no need for frustration. Simply study the extension descriptions on this page, ask me any questions, and test everything on your staging or integration server before using the extensions in production.

    So, please let me know if you have any more questions about how all of this works. If you have questions unrelated to this one, please open a new thread.

    with regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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