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Insufficient funds

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    If the user selects the MAX quantity when ordering, an error will be displayed.
    “Insufficient funds”

    There is a fee even if the administrator sets the fee to zero.


    Thank you.

    Again, I cannot reproduce the problem. All my tests show that everything is fine, as with the other problem you reported earlier (market creation). When I set the fee to zero, no fees are applied, and when I select the max amount to transact, this works for me.

    Something is very strange and I have to think of how to debug it. I am not sure right now what other information to ask you, once I do I will get back to you.


    I have now identified a bug that is probably related to causing the “insufficient funds” message. I am still not sure why fees would be applied when you set them to zero. I will look at this again tomorrow.



    I have just now released 0.5.3-beta which includes a few bugfixes, including one that I believe was causing the “insufficient funds” message you saw. There is also a new feature, you can now disable buy, sell, and cancel operations individually per market. I was not yet able to identify a condition where fees are applied when they are set to zero.

    kind regards



    Keeping you updated on this issue:

    We now know that the above issues you mentioned were possible when using MyISAM as a MySQL table storage engine. The plugin since warns the user about converting the tables to InnoDB.

    Moreover, with the recent feature of available balance calculations, these balance-related issues are now resolved.

    with regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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