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Incorrect amount display 10 instead 1000

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    I had successfully adapted XMR coin adapter and is running OK.
    The coin adapted is GRAFT(forked from Monero).
    I transferred 1000 grft to a wallet to test functionality and in the admin panel of wordpress show only 10 grft in the transactions, user balance, etc panels. In the frontend as well the UI user balance shows 10 grft.

    How to fix this
    PD: I check the wallet outside wordpress and it has 1000 grft



    All cryptocurrency amounts on all blockchains are stored as integers to avoid rounding errors associated with floats. They are only converted to floats for displaying to the user. Doing this requires a knowledge of how the currencies are denominated (i.e. how many decimals are used). Bitcoin on layer 1 has 8 decimals, Monero has 12 decimals, Ethereum has 18, every coin can be different.

    How are you hooking to the wallets_cryptonote_coins filter? You should change the fields: amount pattern and decimals to reflect the details of your coin.

    with regards



    My mistake.

    Wrong symbol used and
    Wrong amount of decimals declared in coin adapter plugin file (I left in 12 instead of 10)


    Great to hear that you fixed it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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