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important issue (coinpayment's Operational risk)

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    I saw that some of the users who joined today do not have the address of coin. (eth only)
    As a result of looking into the reason, current, eth in the coinpayment is not visible in the list(coinpayment’s coin setting page).
    So maybe some users do not have eth addresses now.
    I did not know this fact beforehand and there is no notice from coinpayment.
    We have no way to prepare for this situation from coinpayment.

    There is a question.
    The user can receive coin from faucet even if there is no ETH wallet address.
    Does the DB store coins without an ETH address?
    (Only the recipient has no address)

    I stopped the ETH faucet once to counter this problem.
    Most users have ETH addresses, but some are confused by this problem.(users without address)
    This problem of coinpayment can be a more serious risk if we run EXCHANGE.

    ** The status of the current adapter is ‘Responding’. I cleared the cache, but the state did not change.


    Ethereum is currently under maintenance in CoinPayments. See here: https://www.coinpayments.net/supported-coins

    While this is the case, the coin adapter will not be able to perform deposits or withdrawals.

    This is always a problem with using third party services.

    Once normal operation resumes on the platform, the users will be assigned new addresses.

    kind regards


    Users receive faucet coins from an admin user’s account. If that admin user holds coins then these can be transferred to the users. Presumably the balance of the admin user corresponds to actual balance on the wallet, so you will be ok.


    Yes, as you said, after the ETH wallet address is created, the user has a faucet coin.

    I already knew the operational instability of the coinpayment, but I thought I did not have to worry about ETH or BTC relatively.

    Maybe in the future coinpayment will not have this problem in a major coin like ETH,
    but I have come to think once more about the preparation on the operational level based on this experience.
    I hope that it will help us and leave my case.

    Currently, the ETH node of coinpayment is normalized,
    and our users who did not have ETH address were automatically created the address.

    Thank you for answer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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