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I’m able to proceed through checkout with no funds in my wallet.

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    I’ve set up a blank WooCommerce store and purchased the payment gateway extension. No other payment gateways are enabled on my dummy store, only this. I’ve got BTC and XMR wallets working fine.

    The problem is, even if I have $0 in my account balance, I can go ahead and type in all my delivery information and click Checkout.. and get to the thank you page. On the back-end, the order is tagged under the “processing” category.

    Is this normal behavior? The user should not be able to complete checkout if they do not have enough funds. I understand that the plugin limitation is that it doesn’t allow the user to add funds from the checkout page itself, they must visit the wallets page and add funds. But it seems very strange that a user should be able to proceed through checkout and be told that their order has been received and is being processed when they have no funds at all, or not enough funds.

    Just to be clear, the checkout page shows me that I do not have enough funds for the order. But I can still click on Checkout nonetheless, and proceed.



    This is certainly not normal behavior. I am attaching a screenshot of what you should be seeing in this case.

    Before completing your order, you get a dropdown, showing you how much you would pay in each available cryptocurrency. This is calculated using the exchange rates on the system.

    Can you please email me a screenshot of that dropdown?

    Also, can you please check if the exchange rates on the currencies that you made available are set correctly? You can do this in the admin screen for each currency.

    Normally the exchange rates are kept up to date with data from CoinGecko. This is only done if you have set correctly the CoinGecko ID on each currency, and if the cron jobs are running.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    with regards,

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