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    Hey there ALex!

    any chance we can get a update that uses hcapthca? we use it on our site and dont wantto add this faucet if and it uses the others.

    Plus they are a crypto company!



    Thank you for the suggestion.

    hCaptcha definitely has some advantages over reCaptcha, mainly regarding data collection practices. I am writing this down in the backlog and will get to it (eventually).

    I am currently very busy rewriting everything from scratch for the upcoming 6.0.0 release of wallets. Is there a specific technical reason that you can’t use reCaptcha on your site? Or are you suggesting it as a better alternative?


    a problem can maybe this situation (iam working on) .. user that register on our page have recaptcha_v3 .. to use faucet we need _v2 . but _v3 and _v2 wont work together on one page because it send wrong keys to google


    @LeinAd Thank you. You bring a valid point. I will look into upgrading reCaptcha to v3 for the faucet. I will notify you again here when I have news on this.


    @dynamitemedia OK I’ve implemented hCaptcha. I hadn’t realise that it makes you money! You will find support for it in 1.8.0.

    I ended up implementing hCaptcha rather than reCaptcha 3. Also, the assets are only loaded on pages where you insert the claim shortcode. Thus, it’s less likely that the plugin will interfere with other JavaScript assets such as ones on the login pages. In any case, if you switch to hCaptcha, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

    with regards


    i tried it for a short while, hcaptcha has crept into Ultimate Member. I will take a closer look. you can earn money with hcaptcha???

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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