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Fiat Withdrawals

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    Hi Alex,

    Hope you are doing good.

    When a user submits a withdrawal request for a fiat currency, I used the ‘Tools -> Fiat Withdrawals’ option and clicked on ‘Done’ but it shows the following error:

    Cannot withdraw 10.000000 EUR because only 0.000000 is available.

    I guess it has something to do with checking ‘available balance’ and ‘balance’ of users?



    Yes, that is most probably the reason.

    Balance can be reserved with:

    1. Open orders on the exchange, and
    2. Pending move/withdraw transactions that have not yet executed. These transactions get auto-cancelled by default after 24 hours. You can change this behavior at Wallets -> Cron job -> Cancel old unconfirmed/pending transactions.

    with regards


    Yes I am aware of the points you have stated.

    But the problem is, when a user submits a withdraw request for a fiat coin, and I go to ‘tools->fiat withdrawals’ to mark the transaction as ‘done’, it shows the error: Cannot withdraw 10.000000 EUR because only 0.000000 is available.

    The problem is… the user does not have any pending orders on the exchange.

    So how can one perform a fiat coin withdrawal? or is there a withdrawal shortcode made specifically for fiat coins?


    The withdrawal shortcode for fiat coins is [wallets_fiat_withdraw].

    If you have set up fixer.io access correctly, you should not be able to see the fiat coins in the standard [wallets_withdraw] shortcode.

    You mentioned that the user does not have open orders on the exchange. Did you also check for pending transactions? You can go to Wallets -> User Balances to verify if the user has enough total and available balance for each coin.

    with regards


    I am also having trouble withdrawing fiat from a user. When attempting to mark the payment “Done” from the fiat withdrawal tool the error is, “Cannot withdraw 9908.490000 USD because only 0.995750 is available.”

    The user doesn’t have any pending trades or transactions.

    available fiat balance

    I tried adjusting the available balance using the cold storage address, but deposit tool returned an error, “Could not find reference code for deposit.”

    Does the hot wallet fiat balance need to be available? What am I doing wrong?

    The user’s available fiat balance:
    user available balance

    Thanks again!

    When using the USD deposit reference code from the the Users > Profile page. It appears the funds are credited but never available.

    I can fix the balances by canceling all of the USD credits in the Wallets > Transaction page.

    I notice the USD Fiat withdraws are locked in the adapter page. I haven’t found a way to unlock USD fiat withdrawals. Every time I try to use the admin withdrawal tool I get, “Cannot withdraw 100.000000 USD because only 0.000000 is available.”

    I’m sure it’s some kind of error on my side.


    @tanger Hello, the screenshot you posted shows that the user only has about $1.00 of available balance. The rest of the balance is locked up either in another pending transaction, or an open order on the exchange. Make sure to cancel any other pending transactions from Wallets -> Transactions and any open orders in the exchange, then try again. Most probably you have already attempted one withdrawal and it never got executed. Pending transactions get cancelled by default after one day, you can change this behavior in the Cron job settings with the “Cancel old unconfirmed/pending transactions” option.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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