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Feature request

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    Feature request
    I wish to request some features which could extend the functionalities of dashed-slug’s woocommerce payment gateway.

    This extension will take into consideration that all order payments goes to the admin’s account and that once an order paid and Coins are moved to admin’s account, only the buyer and the site administration can change the status to « received and complete ».

    Condition 1: « received the completed

    Action 1;

    This feature will then automatically move a percentage of the order value ( configurable by admin) from the the admin’s account to the seller’s account.

    Condition 2: « not marked received and completed after a specified number of days »

    Action 1a;

    Going forward, if in some specified number of days ( configurable by admin) the order is not marked as « received and completed », action 1 above should automatically execute.

    Condition 3 «Buyer changes order status to Disputed »

    Action 2;

    An if the buyer changes the order status to « Disputed », the order should be in a « hold » and admin should be notified and the first and second condition should not be true again therefore action 1 and 1a will no longer execute.

    If anything is not clear I will try to explain again.



    Thank you for submitting this.

    I will review your suggestions as soon as possible.

    kind regards



    I also want these features.
    I think that integration with wp-marketplace will solve many functions related to vendor.
    After reviewing marketplace plug-ins, wp-marketplace seems to be the best.

    WC Marketplace


    It would be great having such integration with the plugin mentionned by vorticism, but without losing the option of paying vendors in fiat as actually does. Vendors should have the option of selecting options, and admin should have also the option of authorising cryptos disbursement as payments (for legal constraints if any). So I am supporting this request me too, but I dont know if it would be better as another extensios. So looking forward for Alex’s review.

    Thank you for this great work.

    Best regards



    Thanks for your feedback.

    I am aware that multivendor support is something that some people want, but realistically I cannot visit this within 2018. There are simply too many other things to do.

    Once I do start work on this, there will not be an issue of losing the ability to pay with other currencies. WooCommerce always lets you mix-and-match various payment gateways.

    kind regards


    Looking at this thread again in 2019, I would like to add some extra info.

    1. None of the above feature requests fit well into a payment gateway. What is suggested here is ways to handle order status, not actual payment execution, therefore it is out of scope.

    2. The WooCommerce payment gateway now supports refunds in its version 2.0.0.

    3. The same extension now doubles as a WC Marketplace payment gateway as of version 2.0.0.

    with regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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