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Exchange UI – Suggestion

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    Hey Alex,
    Great work on some of the visuals for the latest exchange 0.6.2-beta 🙂

    1) On the market selecting, would it be possible to highlight the whole selected row?
    That way the user can easily see which market they are in.
    I know the radio button shows the market selected, but visually it would be a lot easier to quickly see which market is selected.
    In my one website I have quite a number of different markets with the coins all cross tradeable with each other so to find your active one is a bit difficult if you look quickly by scrolling through the markets.

    2) Also a note on the radio button in the market selector, on Firefox it works perfectly, on chrome it seems to be a but buggy, sometimes showing the radio selected and sometimes not showing it selected even though the market did change. This would obviously be negated as well if the whole selected row was higlighted.

    3) With the BUY / Sell Shortcodes where the Price for the buy or sell trades are populated, when there are no current or historic asks/bids then it should default to zero.
    If I go to the exchange in the beginning and there are no asks/bids then it does correctly default to zero, but if I come from a previous market where there were already asks/bids, then it is incorrectly bringing those Prices over to the new market, this could confuse users into thinking those are the prices to trade on.
    If you need me to do some images to explain better then let me know and I will get them done 🙂

    So far this is turning out to be an awesome update 🙂
    I have shown my business partner the latest round of changes and he is thrilled as we are now starting to look more like an exchange 🙂



    Thanks Megan,

    I will take a note of these improvements and schedule them for the next release of the Exchange.

    with regards


    In version 0.7.0-beta of the Exchange extension, the [wallets_exchange_market] table allows the user to select a market by clicking anywhere on the table row, and the radio buttons have been removed. Please see the full release notes here: https://www.dashed-slug.net/static-exchange-templates/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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