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Does not work for all cryptonote based coins

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Does not work for all cryptonote based coins Forums Monero Coin Adapter extension support Does not work for all cryptonote based coins

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    I am trying to install this for Karbowanec (cryptonote-based) coin, but it keeps giving the ‘WARNING Authorization required (ip.address:port)’ on my console where I am hosting the wallet. It seems to detect the connection but it’s not working for authorization.

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    Thanks for letting me know.

    I have not tested the adapter with this particular wallet.

    Once I do I will let you know what I found here.

    with regards


    Any updates on this issue please? we need to decide if this plugin is the best suit for our business atm.


    No, unfortunately I am not able to work on this at the moment.

    To be clear, this will not be very soon, because I am busy with other tasks related to the plugin.

    with regards


    Sure Alex, I know you are busy.

    So I did a little bit of investigation and found out that some cryptonote based wallets such as Karbowanec and Elya does not have the “get_accounts” rpc command.

    How can I replace/fix this?

    These are the RPC commands available on Karbowanec (

    Get status
    Get view key
    Get spend keys
    Get addresses
    Create address
    Delete address
    Get balance
    Get block hashes
    Get transaction hashes
    Get transactions
    Get unconfirmed transaction hashes
    Get transaction
    Send transaction
    Get status
    Estimate fusion
    Send fusion transaction
    Validate address


    Thank you for providing this additional info. The situation is this:

    The Monero coin adapter relies heavily on the subaddresses feature which was introduced in Monero, but is not available in vanilla Cryptonote. Therefore, the coin adapter will only work with forks that have subaddresses. This includes many, but not all Cryptonote wallets.

    Unfortunately you will not be able to use karbowanec wallet with this coin adapter at this time.

    with regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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