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Did you retire the Block.io Adapter?

dashed-slug.net Forums block.io Cloud Wallet Adapter extension support Did you retire the Block.io Adapter?

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    I still have the last update version of it but I dont see it available and when I searched it doesnt mention it being removed…????


    Sorry. I found the adapter in Downloads. I did the search as Block.io instead blockio. I dont see a way to remove the post. I apologize if I wasted anyones time. I didnt see it under “coin-adapters” and I didnt find info when I searched. However, I did see Coinpayments adapter there so I thought maybe you dropped Block.io.



    I have moved the block.io adapter to the wastedump, where old extensions go to die.

    There were complaints about block.io from some users and in fact some people were saying that block.io is a scam site. I don’t know if these are true or not. But my implementation was somewhat slow and buggy, and the CoinPayments adapter is superior in every way (is faster and offers more coins). This is why I stopped working on the block.io adapter and am not advertising it any more.

    If you are using it without issues, you can continue using it.

    with regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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