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Deposit notification

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    It is possible to implement for frontend deposit an option in order to give the user a submission form (for example just a text area for the wished deposit amount near the deposit code and a submit button). After submitting the form a popup shoud inform the user that its deposit is in pending status.

    Admin should receive an email about an incoming deposit, and In backend all submitted deposits sould be marked as pending untill the admin receives the transfer and perform the deposit to the user (when performed, the user shoud receive an email notification about its successfull deposit).

    I think it would improve this kind of operations, what do you think? It is possible?

    Thank you

    Best regards



    Thank you. Personally I think that this is too complicated and unnecessary. Currently, users can perform deposits without filling in any forms, and this is how most exchanges and online services work, so this is what users will expect. Introducing more complexity into the deposit process will not solve anything.

    Withdrawals require confirmation because there is a security risk with withdrawing money. Depositing money on the other hand should not be difficult because it does not pose a risk. Therefore, there is no need for admins to confirm deposits. Once a user has performed an irrevocable deposit transaction on the blockchain, there is no situation where you would not want that money to be deposited to their account.

    with regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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