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Deposit code

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    Hi Alex,

    When selecting a fiat deposit, the qr still shows up, what is its function in this case?

    Maybe not that relevant,

    – It would be possible to add only for fiat deposits an info box (just near the deposit code) where admins can inform users about what that code is?… but it is not very important, it can be done without extra code.

    – It is possible to change “Adress” for “Deposit code” for example in case of fiat?… but maybe it would be a bit confusing if adding something like points. I have read in another topic about withdrawals, but I imagine it is not yet implemented.

    Just for a better orientation for users,

    Thank you

    Best regards


    As you point out, the QR code is simply a representation of the deposit code, but it is not very useful as no other app will be able to use it. Since the get_coins_info JSON API already distinguishes between fiat and crypto coins, I will change the UI so that the QR code is not shown.


    In version 3.8.0 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, the deposit UI does not display a QR code for fiat coins. For the plugin to know which coins are fiat it needs a working fixer API key.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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