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    Hello Alex,

    I hope you are doing well. 

    Inline with some previous topics regarding fidelisation using vouchers, I want to ask you this time about cashbacks implementation. 

    What I think: The setting can be included as an admin check option in order to define a cashback percentage of the products total price in the cart (excluding shipping and taxes) that the user should receive in its wallt once the payment is completed. Regarding the coins in which can be payed, to make it simple, it could be done with the current approach, paying out in the same crypto used from wallet or in the defined coin in case of payment using other ways like card. If a refund is made, the corresponding proportional part should be extracted/refunded from the cashback also. 

    For example, in the marketplacecase , if the admin commision is set as 5%, and the cashbak is defined as 1%. The 1% should be extracted from the 5% and transfered automatically from the admin defined account to the user wallet. 

    This woocommerce wallet https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-wallet/ includes a similar system. 

    With no crypto voucher or affiliation options it is complicated engaging users using the system, and at least with cashback it helps in somehow incentivating users. 

    What do you think?   

    Happy hollidays by the way 

    Thanks as usual



    Perhaps this is a good idea, but don’t you think that this should be directed to the developers of WC Marketplace? **The job of a payment gateway is simply to execute payments, not perform logic on what needs to be paid.** (This is again the separation of concerns principle that we have discussed before.) If you think that cashback is a useful feature, why is it only relevant to a cryptocurrency payment gateway? I would argue that it would be relevant to all types of payment, therefore it is the concern of the eshop, not its payment gateway. I am not saying this only because I am not able to devote time on it, but because it really is a feature that does not fit in a payment gateway. Ask yourself this: Would you ask this feature from a developer of a PayPal or Stripe gateway?

    Happy holidays

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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