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Coins list in alphabetical order

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    Hi Alex,

    I recently added a full node coin which starts with ‘A’ but it gets shown at the bottom of the list (after all the coins from coinpayments are shown).

    Is there a way to mix them up and just list it in alphabetical order?


    There is currently no way to do this but I will work on it. It has been requested before and it is surprisingly tricky with the current API architecture. Hopefully there will be something about this in the next patch.

    Thank you for your comment.

    with regards



    I am looking at this change request and it seems I have already added in some code to make sure that coins are returned alphabetically sorted by name. Because this is entered into a JavaScript key-value object, the ordering is theoretically not guaranteed, however in practice, the major browsers do preserve the ordering.

    If possible, could you please check the following?

    1. When you visit https://example.com/?__wallets_apiversion=3&__wallets_action=get_coins_info with your browser, do you see the coins in alphabetic order by name or not? (Replace example.com with your actual domain)

    2. When you enter the following in your browser’s JavaScript console (F12), do you see the coins in alphabetic order by name, or not? wp.wallets.viewModels.wallets.coins()

    3. Which browser are you using?

    4. Is it possible that the coin starts with a character that looks like the latin “A” but is not in the latin alphabet?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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