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CoinPayments ID in place of TXID

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    what i noticed is that there are also bitcoin transactions with a payment id. such transactions are not processed (similar to the monero support thread) and i have to correct them by hand.coinbase does not send a payment id. these transactions work perfectly. i think it is similar with TRON and XRP.



    As you know, when the plugin first submits a withdrawal to the CoinPayments platform, the transaction is not yet on the blockchain.

    The platform will give it a “CoinPayments ID” which uniquely indentifies the transaction request.

    Then the CoinPayments platform executes the transaction and next time the plugin queries the platform it gets back the TXID.

    The plugin will replace the CoinPayments ID with the TXID once it becomes available.

    If this is not working, then it can mean one of only that the cron jobs are not running. This is unlikely if other transactions are executed successfully.

    Please note that a transaction may take a few hours before it is executed on the blockchain if the network is congested. During this time the CoinPayments ID will appear in place of the TXID.

    Let me know if you are unable to fix this. You should not have to enter the TXIDs by hand.

    with regards

    P.S. I have moved your post to a new thread since it was not related to the other thread.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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