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Can I turn off Live polling settings?

dashed-slug.net Forums General discussion Can I turn off Live polling settings?


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    Can I turn off Live polling without setting the interval in Live polling settings in frontend settings?
    Because I want to improve site performance without using this feature.
    For me, just refreshing the page is all right.


    I will add this option in the next patch release which will be out soon.

    In the meantime, if you set the polling rate to something long, like 15 or 30 minutes, then it won’t impact your frontend performance much. Keep in mind that this will only affect frontend performance.

    If you have issues with the time it takes for your server to respond, then try disabling the exchange rate provider under Wallets -> Rates, or try a different rate provider. That should tell you if the problem comes from that.

    There’s also some info in the troubleshooting pages about performance.

    Can you describe the performance issue you are facing?



    Thank you.

    There is no problem in particular.
    However, when i use live polling, there is a slight delay when polling occurs on the entire page of the front end.
    I’m not sure, but it seems that this delay is increasing when i try to increase members.
    There was no performance impact on the backend.


    This is more likely due to the fact that some AJAX calls are done on the main JavaScript thread, which is not a best practice approach. I also have plans to fix this. Thank you for reporting.


    In version 2.13.3 of the plugin you can now disable live polling altogether if you wish. Just go to the frontend settings and set the two polling intervals to zero.

    Any remaining performance issues that you may face in the frontend are probably due to AJAX calls on the main thread as discussed above. This will be resolved in a later release.

    Additionally, if you do not need the [wallets_move] UI and its related functionality, you may disable it from the “Capabilities” admin screen. This will disable the get_users_info JSON call, which normally sends a list of users to the client for the purposes of the user dropdown. This will be resolved more permanently in a later version.

    kind regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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