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Bytecoin (BCN) deposit issue

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    In the case of bytecoin(BCN),
    the coin is sent to the user’s BCN_address but is not reflected in the user balance
    I tried six times with different user accounts, but none of them succeeded.
    (Both address and payment ID were checked.)
    The deposit on the master account on coinpayment(online balance in wp-admin) succeeds,
    but not in user frontend and user balance in wp-admin.
    Other coins that I have checked are normally reflected in online balance and user balance.


    Thank you for reporting.

    Please disable bytecoin until I fix this.

    kind regards


    This was my personal issue.
    It was api communication trouble according to wordfence setting.


    Thank you for reporting this!

    I have since added the information about Wordfence to the troubleshooting guide for the CoinPayments adapter.


    Hi Vorticism,

    Can you tell me how you fixed the problem? I also use wordfence and it is to know how to configure it.

    Thank you very much.


    Helo, mc_deimon

    At first I thought it was a ‘country block’. I have blocked all countries except Korea for security.
    I disabled wordfence and the problem was solved.
    But I activate wordfence and turn off the country block, but still there is a problem with coin deposit.
    I’m still testing it for resolution.
    If I find a solution, I’ll share it.



    I cannot reproduce the issue you are reporting with the default settings for Wordfence. In my installation it does not block the API endpoint for the CoinPayments IPN.

    However here’s something you can try:

    1. Go to Admin → Wordfence → Firewall → Whitelisted URLs

    2. Enter the following:
    URL: /
    Param Type: query string
    Param Name: wallets-cp-ipn

    This should whitelist that request.

    Alternatively, use the firewall’s “learning mode” while performing a deposit and it should create a rule. Learning mode can be enabled under “Basic Firewall Options” → “Web Application Firewall Status”

    If you try this, can you please report here what you found?

    Thank you.


    This seems to be my own problem.
    I first activated the network.(core and extensions) Then I activated it on a single main site.
    The user’s address and balance remain the same.
    After moving from a multi to a single, but the deposit was not. The withdrawal could be done.

    I came back to multisite again yesterday.
    The deposit now works.


    Thank you for reporting.

    This is usually an issue with one or more wallets on CoinPayments being temporarily down for maintenance.

    When you first reported an issue with Bytecoin I remember distinctly that the wallet was down for maintenance. Probably your transaction went through now that the wallet is back online.

    This is an unavoidable drawback of relying on a third-party service.

    kind regards

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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