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Balances not showing

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    I have an issue where coinpayments adapter does not show users balance (for user when logged in ) when sent to users wallet – no firewall issues – no wordfence issue – coldstorage connects to coinpayments and shows correct balance on coinpayments.
    Transactions show no transaction ..
    Deposits show no deposit to users account neither does balances .

    Coin payments shows ipn history sent 100 – ipn secret correct entered …
    have checked firewall and all is passthrough…

    Any ideas…

    Bitcoin – Altcoin wallet ( latest version )
    Coinpayments adapter (latest version)
    Woocommerce Converter ( latest version)

    BTC full node disabled..


    i can see that the site is generating adresses for mue and btc – but when transfering into those adresses – it dosent show up in user transactions as deposited. See screenshot..

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    Thanks for the detailed description of the problem. It does sound somewhat surprising, since you say that the IPN message was successful.

    Balances are not affected because the deposit transactions are not recorded. I assume this is a new installation since there are no transactions in the list. The question is, why would transactions not be recorded if the IPN message was sent successfully?

    1. Please double check that the deposit address that you are sending funds to is the same as that shown in the plugin. You can check deposit addresses via Wallets -> Deposit addresses, or in the user profile screen for each user.

    2. Enable the WordPress debug log, and resend one of the IPNs from CoinPayments. Do you see any error in wp-contents/debug.log? What about the PHP error log, or MySQL error log?

    3. Is the status of the IPN message 100? If not, this is an early IPN message where the transaction is not yet confirmed, and there will be a subsequent IPN message with status 100. Only these IPN messages (with status>=100) are used by the plugin.

    I really cannot think of anything else at this time. If the deposit address is correct and the IPN is successful, the deposit should be recorded, or if something unexpected happens, there should be some trace of the error in one of the logs. There is no other outcome that I can think of.

    So please check all of the above and let me know.


    I had a similar issue today…

    i had to resend the IPN for it to finally show up

    this is a new API key and installation of this adapter

    will this be a issue and we have to resend these ipns?


    @dynamitemedia When a user makes a deposit with this coin adapter, the CoinPayments platform attempts to send an IPN to your site, and it usually attempts up to 10 times before it fails. If your site is down, or if there is a connectivity issue, or if a firewall does not allow the incoming message to go throough, then it might be necessary to resend the IPN. But normally this should not happen.

    When you resent the IPNs, were they successful this time?

    (Keep in mind that unless you go through the KYC verification process that was announced recently, you might lose access to their API, but that can be resolved if you perform the verification.)

    with regards


    Hi Alex, thanks for your work.

    Today I have tested a deposit with the coinpayments adapter, and indeed the balance is shown at 0, but I can see it correct in coinpayments wallet.

    Since this post is from 2019, I wonder if there is a more exact solution now in 2021?

    Thanks again!


    I changed the IPN and it working now, pretty cool!


    @mkudev Glad to hear you got it working.

    For the record:

    1. You should not normally have to supply an IPN endpoint to the CoinPayments platform settings. The default one should work. If it’s working now, don’t change it.

    2. The complete howto article for debugging these issues is: https://www.dashed-slug.net/howto-debug-an-incoming-deposit-coinpayments-adapter/

    3. If you experience any more issues with the plugins, please open a new thread.

    with regards

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