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Balances not showing in user accounts

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    [ moved from https://wordpress.org/support/topic/balances-dissapeared-after-update ]

    I had a transfer of BTC to my wallet address on the lottofaucet.com site. The confirmation came from coinpayments.net and the balance shows on the adapters page:
    However, the balance did not get credited to my account in WP… I checked all users and it is not in any user account. I also noticed that it doesn’t appear under sum of user balances either, which was working previously as you can see the original LTCT transaction is listed there.

    I requested another 10 LTCT and the same thing happened with that.

    Following the troubleshooting section of the dashed-slug site, I checked the IPN in my browser,
    and the IPN history in my account

    After doing the LTCT transfer I checked again the balances in the adapters list…
    — the new LTCT transaction also did not appear in the sum of user balances, nor in any user account, though it does show in the wallet balance.

    Plugin version 3.1.2
    Git SHA 704e4ce
    Web Server Apache
    PHP version 5.5.38
    WordPress version 4.9.5
    MySQL version 5.6.39-cll-lve
    DB prefix wpk4_
    Is multisite false
    Is network activated false
    PHP max execution time 0
    Constant ‘WP_DEBUG’ false
    Constant ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’ false
    Constant ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’ true
    Constant ‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’ n/a
    Constant ‘DSWALLETS_FILE’ /home/lottofaucet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wallets/wallets.php
    PHP Extension ‘curl’ Loaded
    PHP Extension ‘mbstring’ Loaded
    PHP Extension ‘zlib’ Loaded
    Active wallets extensions wallets-faucet, wallets-woo, wallets-cp
    Network-active wallets extensions n/a



    Thank you for the very detailed description of this issue.

    According to your IPN history, the IPN message did indeed arrive to your plugin instance.

    Since the message did arrive, the only other reason why it would not appear in your transactions list would be if the deposit address was not bound to your user.

    Can you please hit the following query into your SQL console?

    	wpk4_wallets_adds a
    	symbol = 'LTCT' AND
    	address = 'YOUR_DEPOSIT_ADDRESS'
    	created_time DESC;

    Please replace YOUR_DEPOSIT_ADDRESS with the actual address you used for this transaction.

    This will confirm whether this address is indeed bound to a user.

    Please let me know what you find.



    Hi again, thanks!
    I tried the query with BTC and LTCT because the LTCT transfer was initiated in the coinpayments interface so I am not sure how they choose an address to send to (i.e.they have no way of knowing which addresses are associated with my WP account). Both returned no result. The BTC one was sent by someone else to the address generated by my site for my user.
    btc result:
    LTCT result:

    If it would make things go quicker I could send you cpanel login and make you an admin on the site. Also admin on clickforafrica.org so you can send LTCT back and forth.


    I think this is all the addresses in the site


    OK thank you for the additional info.

    It doesn’t make sense for you to expect a deposit to go through if the transaction was initiated via the CoinPayments interface. What needs to happen is this:

    1. The user visits a page with the [wallets_deposit]. The plugin then requests a new address from the wallet (in this case CoinPayments) and assigns it to the user. The mapping is stored into the addresses table.

    2. The user then sends funds to that address. The wallet receives the funds, then informs the plugin. In the case of the CoinPayments adapter, this is done via the IPN message. The plugin then creates a deposit transaction for that user.

    3. Next time the user views their balance, the plugin sums all the transactions including the new deposit and this new amount is reflected in the total balance for that coin.

    Unless the address was stored in the addresses table and mapped to the user’s WordPress user id, the deposit will not go through.

    Here’s what you can do to rectify this:

    1. Figure out the user’s WordPress ID. This is an integer number that you can find via Admin -> Users.
    2. Insert the mapping manually (you would not have to do this under normal circumstances). Here’s how you could do this:
    INSERT INTO wpk4_wallets_adds(account,symbol,address,created_time) VALUES(5,'LTCT','A_DEPOSIT_ADDRESS',NOW());
    This would associate user with user_id=5 with the LTCT address A_DEPOSIT_ADDRESS.
    3. Go to your CoinPayments IPN history, and click the button to resend the IPN message.

    This should resolve your current issue. In the future, never allow your users to use the CoinPayments platform directly. They should not even have access to that, since it is your site’s wallet.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks, I’ll go through and hopefully understand all that and act on it. The problem was not just the LTCT though, I had a transaction sent to the address generated in my user account page, with the shortcodes for deposit address etc. I sent it to someone and he sent BTC to that address. This only shows up in the admin.php?page=wallets-menu-adapters under wallet balance.

    It is not showing in the user balance, nor in the sum of user balances on admin.php?page=wallets-menu-adapters

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