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airdrop configuration question

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    Hi alex, let’s say I want to distribute 100,000 Doge among all the users who have litecoin deposited on my website.
    I would like to share a proportion of these dogecoin among litecoin users proportionally.
    So, if there are 1000 litecoin, I would like to distribute 100000/1000 proportionally at the rate of 10/1. How should I configure the airdrop? considering that there may be users with 0.001 Lite and others with 5 lite, how is this configuration done?



    You start off with an amount that you have and you wish to distribute. Unfortunately there is no such function in the plugin at the moment. As it is right now, you can only specify the amounts in terms of what the users already have, not what you have.

    If I can implement a solution for your use case, I will post again here. But at the moment you cannot do this with this plugin.

    On the other hand, if you want to give Dogecoin equal to 10 times what all your users have in Litecoin, this is straightforward. Simply perform an airdrop with a ratio of 10, then check again your hot wallet balance and your sum of user balances, to see how much dogecoin you’d need to deposit via the cold storage feature to cover the increased balances.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    with regards


    ok, i’m not sure of having explained myself correctly. let’s go back to the previous example. Among all the users there are 1000 litecoins and I have 100,000 doge in the admin account, so I want to distribute these 100,000 doge among litecoin holders.
    So, as I understand your answer, it cannot be done proportionally now.
    What I can do now, according to my understanding of how addons work, is to distribute 100,000 doges among all users, but equally, let’s say that if I have 10,000 users, I can distribute 10 doges to each user. but I don’t understand how I can do it proportionally according to your litecoin balances. Can you make an example of how to fill out the form?



    Perhaps I did not explain myself very well. At the moment you can only

    1. give a fixed amount to each user
    2. give an amount that is proportional to a current user balance

    This does not say anything about how much the total to distribute is. The plugin will only tell you after the airdrop, how much more money you should deposit to the hot wallet, so that all the users can withdraw their balance.

    IF you know that you have 10,000 users, then by giving each 10 doge, you know that you have distributed 10*10,000 = 100,000.

    If, on the other hand, you want to distribute proportionally to the existing Litecoin balances, do this:

    1. Deposit the doge using the address shown at “Wallets” -> “Cold storage” -> Doge -> Deposit (see the address at the bottom of the screen). By sending the 100,000 doge to this address you are adding it to the hot wallet of your site, but none of it is yet assigned to user balances (this is done when you actually perform your airdrop).

    2. Go to the adapters list (“Wallets” -> “Adapters”), and see what the “Sum of user balances” is for Litecoin. Let’s say for example that there is 200 Litecoin in total that all of your users have.

    3. You want to distribute 100,000 Doge to these Litecoin holders. Since there are 200 Litecoin in total, you would need to use a proportional ratio of 100,000 / 200 = 500.

    4. Go to “Tools” -> “Airdrop” and set the following:

    Coin to distribute: Dogecoin
    Distribute to users with role: any
    Deposit tag: (leave as is)
    Comment: (A notification text that describes your airdrop. Users will see this as a comment on their deposit transaction.)
    Amount: 0
    Parent coin for airdrop: Litecoin
    Factor: 500

    To be clear, users who have 1 Litecoin will receive 500 Dogecoin, users who have 10 Litecoin will receive 5000 Dogecoin, etc.

    5. After you have performed the airdrop, go to “Wallets” -> “Adapters” again and check the new “Sum of user balances” for Dogecoin. This should not be higher than the “Hot Wallet Balance”, or your users will not be able to actually withdraw their new Doge.

    If for some reason you believe that you made a mistake with your airdrop, you can go to your MySQL console (or phpMyAdmin SQL console) and use the deposit tag to delete only the transactions that correspond to this airdrop. For example, let’s say that your airdrop had tags: airdrop ad-run-5dcbc3edc12bc. You would run a command such as the following: DELETE FROM wp_wallets_txs WHERE tags LIKE '%ad-run-5dcbc3edc12bc%'; and that would wipe out all of the deposit transactions created on step #4. You can now try again.

    I hope this is somewhat more clear, but please let me know if you have any more questions.

    with regards


    Now it is very clear to me, I understand that the plugin cannot know the percentage that it should give, but that percentage can be done by us before executing the airdrop, so the complement perfectly does the work I need. I just need to do the calculation previously as you described in point number 3.
    as always super happy Alex, thank you very much.

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