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Admin approval

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    Currently any vndor can make pymnts whitdrawals automatically without any admin approval. It is possible to add an option (on/off) for admin approval with email notification settings?

    Or in a scenario where an ordr is askd for refund, it would be great if the whitdrawal could be automatically stopped.

    Thank you



    If you wish to disable withdrawals, you already have a number of ways available to do this. This would make sense in a site destined to be a multi-vendor e-shop.

    Blocking payments is not something that this plugin should do. What does WCMp do in this situation with other payment gateways? The same should happen with this gateway.

    This is not a problem specific to cryptocurrencies but should apply to all payment gateways. What do you think?

    with regards


    You’re correct, it is not that essential blocking payments, at least at this stage.

    But an email confirmation (without admin approval), with similar configuration for customization like in wllet notification on backend, to notify the vndr that the payment has benn made succesfully (or failed) with a list of the payd orders could be a good thing (of course if it is posssible).

    Just trying to give a robust and better merchnt exprnce.

    Thank you Alex

    Best regards


    The end user experience is what matters at the end of the day.

    But as a backend developer, my worry is not to break the separation of concerns principle. I have provided a payment gateway, and all that a payment gateway does is execute payments. A payment gateway does not do anything else.

    If you believe that the user experience of WCMp is not good enough, then that is an issue with that particular plugin. Why do you feel that an email should be sent only when the payment is done via a cryptocurrency, and not when it is done via, say, PayPal?

    I would recommend that instead you enable admin approval for withdrawals (enabled by default). Then you can have a final say when one of your vendors requests to withdraw funds.

    Hope this helps.

    with regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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