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I have now tested again deposits for XRP and TRX on a live system and found no issues.

1. Out of the coins that you tested, which coins did you succeed to deposit with?

2. For XRP, it’s necessary to use a Payment ID so that the amount is credited to the correct user account. Did you include the user’s Payment ID when performing the deposit transaction?

3. In your CoinPayments IPN history, what is the status of the IPN messages for the XRP and TRX deposits? (step 10 in the troubleshooting guide). If the IPN messages are not sent successfully, then this is the source of the problem. There should be something in your PHP error log regarding why the messages were not sent.

4. I have seen in the past a web host that blocks incoming connections containing strings that look like crypto addresses. Depending on their firewall rules, this can block some coins but not all. Did you check your web server’s access log? Did you see any incoming connections from Also, you could contact the web host and ask them if they have any such firewall rules.

Please let me know about the above points.

with regards