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Reply To: My customers can´t withdraw


OK then, it doesn’t look like a bech32 address. Without having the exact address I cannot verify if it is correct. Did you try withdrawing to several addresses or just one?

In any case, this error comes from the platform, not the plugin.

Check your withdrawal history in CoinPayments, and see if there is any more information there.

Also, check if there were there any whitespaces in the address, or even unprintable characters? Several unicode characters, such as non-breaking white spaces (NBSPs), can sometimes be copied together with the address and can cause havoc.

You may be able to get more information by contacting CoinPayments support. Mention the CPID and they should be able to tell you why the withdrawal failed. If the withdrawal has failed, then the CPID should be in place of the TXID. Additionally, if you login to the platform and go to the withdrawal history, you should be able to see the CPID for your transaction.

Hope this helps.

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