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Thanks for the reply. But the thing is anytime I install the latest fiat adapter version 0.5.1-beta. and then go to “Wallets” -> “Exchange Rates” and hit the button “Clear/refresh data now” and then I save. I go back to the fiat currencies. there’s no fiat currency listed and also the tap that is suppose to show where to input bank details is gone. When i go to Wallet -> adapters I only see the cryptos I enabled with the coinpayment. No fiat is listed. But if I revert to fiat coin adapter version 0.4.5-beta Everything function correctly. The fiats are back, the tab to input the bank info is there and also the Fiat I selected is listed on the wallet -> adapters. So i think it has to do with the latest fiat adapter update. And by the way, I’m using the latest Wallet Version 5.0.4 on WP version 5.4.1 running Astra theme. The only other plugins on my site is Elementor and Widgetkit addon for Elementor. Thanks once more.