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Reply To: Refunds not being Processed



Yes, I am aware that refunds are hard to use, but unfortunately not much can be done about this. As mentioned in the extension’s FAQ, refunds are paid from the admin account to the buyer, not from the vendor’s balance.

You, as an admin, can perform a partial or complete refund of an order, as long as commissions have not been paid yet. This returns the correct funds from the admin account back to the user. Always choose the button (“Refund via Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets”, not “Refund manually”).

If the commission has already been paid then it’s still possible to return the funds from the vendor to the admin. go to the transactions list, locate the transaction corresponding to the order id, then cancel the internal transfer. Note that the admin may have withdrawn the funds from the platform at this time. This can result in a negative balance for the vendor. Therefore it’s best to do any refunds before paying out any commissions.

I realize that this information is not obvious, so I will be adding it to the plugin’s homepage.

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