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I’ve done some preliminary analysis on grin and I thought I’d update you.

I am not sure if they are a good fit for the plugin as it is right now.

The host:ip destination format can be easily mapped to “addresses”. This is what KuCoin and Bittrex do. In fact KuCoin does a POST request to pass the TX data, while Bittrex uses the file method. Interesting. KuCoin uses a url fragment to uniquely identify the user that does a deposit. Bittrex accepts a file upload.

Unfortunately, completing a transaction (deposit or withdrawal) involves an extra step that I never accounted for when creating the core plugin. The recipient must return a file to the sender to complete the transaction. This complicates things by a lot.

For now I will focus on creating a coin adapter for TurtleCoin and its clones, as this was also a user request. I will have to rethink how the main plugin can be refactored to allow for mimble wimble coins. I’m letting you know because it might take some time before I can provide a solution for mimble wimble. It will definitely require changes to the core plugin.

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