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Reply To: BTC node problems


Hello Andy,

Interesting. I haven’t tested this service, but I think it can work. The reason I say this is that at the “PRICING & CAPABILITIES” section they mention “JSON-RPC with TLS”.

The plugin wants to communicate directly to the wallet over the JSON-RPC port (8332 by default). Since this connection is plaintext, normally you wouldn’t do that over the internet without some extra technology that adds encryption.

In the past, Bitcoin supported SSL via a bitcoin.conf option, rpcssl, which the plugin is compatible to. I have kept the option in the plugin because some other wallets might still be using it. The plugin uses easybitcoin’s ssl feature.

The real question here, is what do they mean by TLS. Do they mean SSL? Do you have to set up your own tuneling? Do you need to set up a certificate?

I will test the service today and find out if it works with the plugin.

I am currently busy finalizing the upcoming release 5.0.0 of the plugin. If the plugin can use this service with some minor modifications, these modifications will go into the release.

Give me some time to check, and I will get back to you soon with more details.

with regards