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Reply To: User specific wallet



First of all, as @scorza420 mentioned, it’s a good idea to place the wallet shortcodes in a page that is only viewable by your members.

However, even if you don’t do this, it should not be possible to see user-specific data such as balances or deposit addresses when you are logged out. If you are seeing this info when logged out, it indicates a problem with your server cache.

Try this: logout, then go to https://www.example.com/?__wallets_apiversion=3&__wallets_action=get_coins_info (replacing example.com with your domain name) and see what you get. You should normally see a JSON response like the following: {"result":"error","code":-106,"message":"Must be logged in or specify a valid API key"}

If you instead see actual coin information, you should whitelist the plugin’s JSON-API in your server-side cache plugin(s). This could be “W3 Total Cache”, “WP Super Cache”, “WP-Optimize”, or some other plugin. You can exclude all URLs that have the _wallets_action GET parameter.

Please let me know if you continue to face this issue.

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