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Reply To: Cron


Hello Alex,

I understand, no need to explain how engnineers works.

My point is that in order to use the main wallt extensions, interesting and popular applications are necessary. Nowadays a Marktplace is a very used business model and almost mandatory in many cases. Pointing to wmpc, the extension is extremely popular and introduces many changes and unique features since version 3.4.0, and in my opinion is a market winner.

If there is no adaptation to other applications, the possibilities and usability of your extension would be very limited (my opinion) in terms of competitive advantage with wallts out there.

It would be a bad surprise if you decide to not support the current plugin, many effort in testing and searching was made. The current version works properly, and the only thing I asked it was if it is possible to make paymnts automatic, but it is clear now.

Please have a consideration about it.


Best regards