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My apologies, I should have provided a longer explanation for why I am not doing this.

The WCMp code is very complex (and somewhat buggy), and it is not built with an API that will let you extend it towards other payment gateways, as WooCommerce is. The documentation is aimed at end-users, not developers. I had to do a significant amount of reverse-engineering to get it to work as it is.

As you correctly pointed out, withdrawals were not being recorded when they were being applied automatically. When commissions are approved manually by an admin, the withdrawals are being recorded. This is not something that I want to debug any further.

I am not comfortable selling and providing support for code that I cannot trust. This is not how professional software engineers work. The products I sell cannot be based on knowledge acquired through reverse-engineering, because then they are not reliable. I was wrong to attempt this.

My initial reaction to all of this was to consider decommissioning the WCMp gateway altogether. However, the gateway currently does work when the admin is manually confirming commissions, so I have decided against removing WCMp support at this time. I have instead added a warning that users should disable automatic disbursal.

You are asking me for guidelines on how to do this yourself. If I had done the analysis required to know this, then I would also be able to implement it myself. 90% of the time goes to analysis and testing, not to implementation. Coding is the easy part.

If it turns out that I have to do any more ugly hacks to support the plugin, this will be an endless mess that will never end, and I will not be able to focus on any of my other work, for a plugin that is essentially not interesting to many users. In that case, I will have to remove WCMp support altogether.

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