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This has been discussed several times, and I am somewhat uncertain about providing this functionality, at least in the form of a coin adapter. If possible, I would like to have a 1 to many relation between fiat coins and methods of payment. I realize that many people want this, and it will have to be done.

I plan to devote the immediate future towards writing more how-tos about the products, and there will be an article on how to insert/edit/delete transactions in the DB. This will be all that’s needed for others to implement various deposit methods. After this is done, I might give it a go myself, but others can do so too, because the fiat payment methods/gateways are simply too many.

I will check out bitnovo, thank you. But the issue here is not to find a credit card processor, there are numerous out there. It’s just that this has to be done right, so that no payment methods are precluded by the design.

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