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Please see my previous reply at https://www.dashed-slug.net/forums/topic/i-have-account-premium-and-i-cant-donwload-content-premium/#post-7526

When you sign up for a tax-exempt membership but you are not providing your EU tax details, I am the one who is being scammed, because I will then have to pay for your tax.

This is why I do not allow downloads in this case. There is ample information about this on the site.

In general I try to be professional in my online communication, but I do not appreciate being called a scammer over multiple emails during the weekend when I am out of office.

I have been doing this gig for a few years now, and in my experience people who call me a scammer are usually scammers themselves.

If that is the case, I can provide a refund, and you can take your business elsewhere.

If you have a legitimate business situated in the EU, please provide your tax details. If not, I can provide a refund so that you can sign up with a non-tax exempt plan.