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Reply To: Withdrawals


Hello Alex,

First of all, thanks for adressing the issue and dedicate time to it.

As I can read, your test flow is correct regarding banktransfrs gatway. The only thing I could not understand is the point 4 “The Vendor’s “withdrawal history” screen now shows TWO transactions for this one commission.”, because I do not know what 2 transactions you are refering to, it should be 1 transaction per withdrwal (even if it includes many orders). And in “Banking Overview” the withdrawal operation (debit column) appears only when admn notifies from Tto-do-list to vendors that his commission is paid.

After this correct approach you made (maybe you only missed the last point of notifiyng from to-do-list in backend to vndor that his commsion is paid… there is a set of sent emails also), install the extension, and perform some orders & withralwals (with vendor having selected this extension as paymnt gtway), and you will find that the withdrwls does not record in “Bankng Overwiew” table.

In 3.4.3, almost all the issues a commented before are already solved (but related to wmcp extension, not yours).

Please let me know if I can give you more details or if I can be of any help from my hands-on experience. This week I am away at a summit, but I will answer as soon an best as I can. All for the best to adress this issues.

Thanks Alex, greatly appreciated your help.

Best regards